About Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum Ph.D.

Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum is the author of numerous clinical articles in scientific journals, 6 texts in psychology and 7 in poetry.

His most recent texts in psychology are Our African Unconscious: The Black Origins of Mysticism and Psychology (summer 2021), DARK LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS, and The Dreamlife of Families (Inner Traditions & Bear Company). DARK LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS is also released as an audio book (Simon and Schuster with author narration).

He is the creator of a ten part audio lecture series in science, psychology, spirituality and African psycho- historical and philosophical systems. He is a presenter at national and international conferences and has appeared on radio, television, and in documentaries. His research interests include depth psychology as it pertains to neuroscience, neuromelanin, consciousness research as well as the analysis of dreams, family dynamics, the philosophy of science, ancient history, anthropology-archaeology and yoga.
Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum is the recipient of the Abraham H. Maslow Award of the American Psychological Association for “outstanding and lasting contributions to the exploration of the farthest reaches of the human spirit”.

He is married and the father of two sons.