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Families and the Interpretation of Dreams
Awakening the Intimate Web

by Edward Bruce Bynum, Ph.D.

Foreward by Carl A. Whitaker, Ph.D.

"This is a beautiful and visionary book. Weaving together dreams, transpersonal psychology and family therapy, Dr. Bynum EXPLORES THE WORLD THAT LIES BETWEEN PRIVATE AND PUBLIC SPACE--THE UNCONSCIOUS OF THE FAMILY. He shows us how various religions and cultures have understood this realm of hidden connectedness, and how this understanding can be applied to healing and to therapy. Using a family lens, dream work becomes normalized and practical. This book should be fascinating reading for the professional and lay reader as well."
--Lynn Hoffman, A.C.S.W., Faculty, Brattleboro Family Institute, Vermont; Author, Foundations of Family Therapy

"EXAMINES THE VERY NEGLECTED BUT EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TOPIC OF DREAMS WHICH OCCUR AMONG FAMILY MEMBERS. He explains their significance when used in a clinical setting and explores whether they can serve as a theoretical paradigm for better understanding interactions among members of our global family."
--Robert L. Van de Castle, Ph.D., Former President, Association for the Study of Dreams; Professor, Department of Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry, University of Virginia Health and Sciences Center; Author, Psychology of Dreaming and Psychic Dreaming

This book covers the history of dream interpretation, not only in Europe, but also in Asia, Africa, and ancient America. It shows and documents that the working of the dynamic unconscious on dreams was not the discovery of Freud, but that the ancient Kemetic Egyptians of 3000 BC knew of it and used it in therapy and religious practices. This book also shows how Native American cultures and others interpreted dreams in the context of family and spiritual life. It explores, as no other book has ever done, the profound influence of family life and family consciousness on dream dynamics and material. Numerous family-related dreams are presented in the study, the outcome of over a decade of work.

This book will benefit everyone who has an interest in dreams and who has ever wondered how their family life, both relaxed and/or conflicted, influences the intimate dream experiences. It will also provide the working clinician with an expanded range of insights and interventions. Both the interested reader and the clinican will find its content, scope, range, and insight a valuable guide in treatment and family life.

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