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Brutal Swan Press
Books Poetry - Edward Bruce Bynum

The Dreaming Skull

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© 1996 Brutal Swan Press
For My Mother and Father, Aging

Mother Sleeping

I think of your loving and death
as you sleep. Your heart-wills
pump as one, syncretic.

This I knew before that
primal separation began to tear
my soul from you,

the origin of all questions;
religions breed in you.
The torn soul hemorrhages.

A syringe in the nerves
sends its bitter news
when I think of your passing.


What it must have cost you, the kicking,
the tearing of me at your innards
from my saltbag and waternest.

I swam in you as in an ancient lake:
placenta, lifegate through which the mystic
returns, then bloated up to clothesline, dishwater;

bought my soul with the pain you felt.
Now the bloodfault thickens in you where the veins
collect and run through your legs heading for death.

These days are riderless mother and yet
I sing your heart, your body's autumnhood
before this brain's winter and the bloodclot rules.

Godzillananda: His Life and Visions

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© 1996 Brutal Swan Press
Godzilla's Birth

The great dark smashes out,
the claws come first, then the wings.
The whole sky smokes and belches,

the first cry imprisions all sound.
Half lizard, half bird, the breath is immolation,
the thighs the armour of hell.

It looks out over carcasses in a stagnant sea.
It smells sulphureous, eats refuse,
leaks a thin and radioactive gas into the swollen sun

and atmosphere. Islanders watch it coming.
It steps over beach trees, over huts,
inland waters. It makes for the highway

where the trucks strut, telephone lines
slice the air. All Tokyo braces for the attack.
Americans have hatched Hiroshima again

in the cinematic skull of anxious Japanese.
The beast gets out, swims to the U.N. where
he is met by Mothra and Rodan.

The heavens are at war with rockets,
volcanos, flying saucers that flaunt
unspeakable weapons sucking the brains

out through the eyes and warping the fingers into stone.
Godzilla smiles, pleased with himself.
Then he multiplies his body like a cancerous amoeba.

He's in London, in Madras, in Beijing
and the hills of Accra. He's in Delhi,
in Kansas, in the backyard of your neighbor.

He's in your basement, in your kitchen,
in your bedroom closet behind the shoes.
And when you dream he creeps

into your lungs, into your bloodstream,
into your genitals and brain. Then he
steps inside your intuition, catches you and clings.

Chronicles of the Pig & Other Delusions

Published: January 2010
ISBN: 9780979750922
Pages: 77 Size: 6x9

$18.00 (+ shipping & handling)

Winner of the 2010 Naomi Long Madgett Poetry Award, Chronicles of the Pig & Other Delusions blends the historical, mystical and the pshycological into a unique work of poetic art. Bynum, a professional psychologist and diplomate in clinical psychology of the American Psychological Association, combines his psychological training with his poetic artistry to produce nusual, often surprising, and sometimes playful results.

This collection is divided into four sections. In the first section, the title poem follows Conchis, a pig, as he relates his birth, life, and death and their significance. The character is based on Maurice Conchis, who appears as a psychiatrist in John Fowles' novel The Magus. The following three sections present poetic meditations on various subjects including love, death, current events, "the holy feminine in everyone," and creative writing.

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